Strawberry Cream Cheese Thumbprints

It’s finals week over here at Hamilton College and the grind has hit me. Lots of studying, lots of Christmas music, and soon lots of packing, too. I’m not too stressed out because I’ve set myself up pretty well for finals week in all my classes, but it’s still a lot of work. I’m not a huge fan of studying for organic chemistry, and I just have to do so much of it. But I’ll get through it and get to go home for Hanukkah, sitting by the fire, and decorating the Christmas Tree. It’s all worth it. Now to these cookies. 

Pecan Tassies

If you’re a pecans fan, I’ve got your back. Now that the season for pecan pie is over, I’ve given you a recipe for mini pecan pies that pass as a Christmas cookie. Even better! They’re so cute, very easy, and they’re absolutely delicious. I’m talking majorly addicting. I mean when you check out the ingredients, you shouldn’t be that surprised. The filling is pretty much just eggs with sugar and butter and then mixed with chopped pecans on top of a cream cheese dough. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Salted Caramel Macarons

Ever since I was a kid, I wasn’t the biggest fan of caramel. It’s good and all, but it just got stuck in my teeth. I always preferred the candies without caramel, like 3 Musketeers. However, that was until I made homemade caramel. There’s a huge difference between store-bought caramel or the caramel in a milky way and homemade caramel. You probably aren’t that surprised, but my point is that it’s worth making homemade caramel, especially for these caramel macarons.

Chocolate Chunk Peanut Butter Cookies

The number of times I’ve mentioned my obsession with the combination of peanut butter and chocolate is absurd. I also just love desserts with chocolate chips in general because I like the joy of every time I get another chocolate chip. Does that make sense? Am I crazy? I just like how instead of always getting the same old taste of a peanut butter cookie, you get chocolate chunks in there with it.

Homemade Giant Ho Ho Cake

I had so much fun making this cake. I really like how the photographs came out, too. Some of my photos I think turn out looking just okay, but I think these look pretty great. I believe I have the potential to make any photo look really great, but sometimes I get a little lazy and just photograph cookies on the baking sheet or something like that. Framing the shot, putting in some colored linens, and sprinkling a few very carefully placed crumbs makes all the difference.

The Way the Cookie Crumbles

It’s officially November. You know what that means? It’s officially the holiday season. Yes, I’m one of those annoying people who starts playing Christmas music November 1st. I know a lot of people disagree with this, but I love Christmas music, and I work my (‘scuse my french) ass off at Hamilton, so I’m going to play Christmas music if that’s what makes me happy. So feliz navidad everyone.

Classic Pumpkin Bread {Video}

Happy Halloween! The day of candy, tricks, and onesies. It feels like there are so many more onesies seen for Halloween each year that one year everyone will be in a onesie. I shouldn’t be talking though because my costume this year was a lion onesie. I was going to be a minion, but then I saw that and knew that’s what I was going to be. Plus, it was only $20. Also, I have a photo of when I was a lion when I was about 4, so I put the two photos next to each other and it is hilarious.

Homemade Cider Doughnuts

In case you didn’t know, I go to school in the middle of nowhere in upstate New York. What keeps us college students going through the fall are the Cider Mill Donuts. They’re absolutely delicious. Something about fried circles oF dough coated in cinnamon-sugar just warms the soul. So, I decided to make some homemade cider doughnuts when I came home for fall break.

The Way the Cookie Crumbles

It’s that time of year again. Test, more tests, then more tests after that. I feel like it’s almost always that time of year though. Except for summer and syllabus week. Nevertheless, I had my first Organic Chemistry II exam last week and I have my first Developmental Biology exam tonight. Then I have my first Econ exam next week. I’m taking Environmental Economics. Right now it’s super easy and chill… *knocks on wood*. I really did just knock on wood.

Strawberry Cream Cupcakes

You know how I said I was planning on diving with seals? Well, that was cancelled. It was too windy. So, I decided to bake my disappointment away with these cupcakes. I actually kind of made up this recipe myself. I knew I wanted to make cupcakes, but I wanted to make something exciting. I went on Pinterest and wasn’t having any luck, so I decided to use marscapone in the frosting, because I love marscapone, and strawberries on vanilla cupcakes. Then, you get strawberry cream cupcakes!