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Chocolate Chunk Peanut Butter Cookies

The number of times I’ve mentioned my obsession with the combination of peanut butter and chocolate is absurd. I also just love desserts with chocolate chips in general because I like the joy of every time I get another chocolate chip. Does that make sense? Am I crazy? I just like how instead of always getting the same old taste of a peanut butter cookie, you get chocolate chunks in there with it.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl Cookies

I really wanted to make cookies, so I went on Pinterest (as per usual) and sifted through my cookies board, but couldn’t find anything that really excited me. I’ve been using my cookbooks less and less with the internet as popular as it is, but I decided it was time to revisit them. Then came these cookies. I know I say everything I make is delicious, because it is, so I’ll explain why these are so delicious. They are one of my new all-time favorite cookies though.

Hot Fudge-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

I swear, every time I go on Pinterest, there’s a new way of making chocolate chip cookies. Don’t get me wrong though, I love it. I make all sorts of cookies and have tons of cookie recipes on this blog, but my all-time favorite will always be chocolate chip cookies. However, since I want to keep updating this blog with new recipes, I also try to find new ways to make them. How could it possibly get any better than a chocolate chip cookie filled with hot fudge?

Double Chocolate M&M Cookies

I love M&M cookies. When I think of M&M cookies, I think of these giant M&M cookies they sell at a nearby grocery store. Although this grocery store is more than just a grocery store. It’s called Wilsons Farms, and they have farmland all around the store where they grow most of their food and have a bakery section with homemade breads, cookies, cakes, etc. These cookies are probably the size of a small child’s face and topped with lots of M&M’s. I’ve only had one a couple of times, if that, but I always loved admiring them. 

Rainbow Chocolate Chip Cookies

I almost named these unicorn poop chocolate chip cookies, because I thought that would be cute and hysterical, but then I didn’t. I decided that one, it wasn’t a very descriptive name, and two, it was kinda weird/inappropriate. The second reason is probably not even true to most people, but it’s not really my style. But there, I told you I was going to name it that, so now I practically have.

Brown Butter Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I was a kid, I refused to eat nuts. In reality, I had never actually even tried nuts, I just assumed I must not like them because I said I didn’t like “crunchy things.” How I ever got away with this, I have no clue. I think I was first introduced to nuts with my mom’s famous Chocolate Chip Pecan Shortbread cookies, and then gradually discovered that I really like them.

Double Chocolate Caramel Cookies

I’ve actually made these chocolate caramel cookies twice. I made them once at college, and they were so good that I decided to make them again when I was home and properly photograph them so I could put the recipe on my blog. Rolos fill the inside of the cookie and act as the caramel-stuffed inside. The two pair really well together. I had never really eaten many Rolos before I made these, but they’re actually delicious. Highly recommend.

Classic Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies

All this time, I had just assumed I had a classic peanut butter cookie recipe on my blog, but alas, I was wrong. I have all sorts of cookies with peanut butter, but I didn’t have a recipe for the classic peanut butter cookies with crisscrosses on top and the ultimate chewy texture. So, now I do, and they are delicious.

Peanut Butter-Filled Chocolate Cookies

I remember the first time I made these cookies, with my mom, and I loved them for so many reasons. One, they’re delicious of course. Two, they’re a lot of fun to make, especially with little kids as helpers. And three, the recipe I used to make them called them “Magic in the Middles”. How could you not fall in love with a cookie that has magic in the middle? Especially when it turns out the magic is peanut butter filled chocolate cookies.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Chocolate crinkles were the first recipe I made when I was a kid that wasn’t chocolate chip cookies. I made probably a batch of chocolate chip cookies a week, no joke. Back then, it was more about the product to me than the process. I loved eating cookies, as any child does, until it caught up to me and I though “Hey, maybe I should actually lay off the cookies,” so I did. But I also branched out, and this was the first new recipe I attempted.