Cheeseburger Cupcakes

I know, right? Cheeseburger cupcakes… say what? Well, there is no meat, cheese, ketchup, or lettuce in these cupcakes, but it sure looks like there is. What better cupcakes to pair with your Sunday barbecue than ones that look like cheeseburgers? Plus, they’re so much fun to make! All the components are recipes already on my blog, but I’ll go through exactly how I made them.

First, I made these yellow cupcakes and these chocolate cupcakes. I made the yellow cupcakes bigger than average and the recipe only made 8, not 12. I also stuck them under the broiler to give them that toasted look. Once they were completely cool, I cut each yellow cupcake in half and set the tops aside. Then, I cut four chocolate cupcakes in half and used each half as a patty. Place one half on each yellow cupcake. The rest of the chocolate cupcakes are for enjoying!

Then, I made this vanilla frosting. I set aside a tiny bit for the sesame seed speckles, then dye half of what was remaining yellow, then half of what’s remaining after that red and then what’s left I dyed green. So, you should have just a little bit of white, a lot of yellow, and some green and red. Then fit four bags with piping tips – one leaf tip, one flat tip, and two small round tips. Put the green in the bag with the leaf tip, the yellow in the bag with the flat tip, the red in one bag with a round tip, and the white in the other bag with the round tip.

First, I piped a yellow square on each cupcake. Don’t be afraid to make it kind of thick because people love frosting! Then, pipe red messily over the cupcake, making sure to “spill” over the patty. The red resembles the ketchup. Next, make leaves with the leaf tip, making sure they stick out from the sides of the cupcake. Place the yellow cupcake half on top of each finished cupcake and pipe tiny dots for sesame seeds on top of each cupcake.

You’re finished! Look at those beauties. I’d say we can have those for dinner, don’t you?

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