Carrot Cake with Maple-Cream Cheese Frosting

I’ve made carrot cake once before, but I made it as a one-layer 9×13″ cake, so this time I’ve made it as a layer cake. It was for my mom’s birthday. She doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I refused to not make a cake for her birthday, so I kind of compromised.

This carrot cake is sooo good. It is incredibly moist, but not too moist so that it’s like pudding. It has just the right amount of carrots and pecans to add a nice texture to each bite. I also put a variety of spices in it because I think carrot cake should have many spices, kind of like gingerbread.

Iced Chocolate Cake Cookies

These iced chocolate cake cookies are one of my all-time favorite. I’ve made them several times before, but this time I edited several things about the recipe to really make sure they are moist inside, while still somewhat cakey, and have a nice icing on top. They are supposed to resemble Texas Sheet Cake in a cookie form, which I think is pretty accurate. Texas Sheet Cake is a chocolate sheet cake with a chocolate glaze on top that melts in your mouth. It’s a great recipe for all chocolate-lovers, like me!

Salted Vanilla Toffee Cookies

I tried toffee bits about a year ago, but I think they were stale so I didn’t like them very much and decided I didn’t like toffee. But man oh man was I wrong. Toffee bits are so delicious! They are crisp on the outside, but are chewy after melting in your mouth a bit, and have the wonderful taste of butter and sugar to them (since that’s really all their made of).

So, when I saw this recipe for cookies made with toffee bits, and because I had some leftover from another use, I made these cookies. They were sooo good. The combination of sweet toffee bits with salty sea salt sprinkled on top made these cookies unforgettable. 

Cinnamon Walnut Biscotti

Biscotti is such a great treat to have with coffee or tea. I say this and I don’t even like coffee… or tea. But still I know from other people’s comments that this is in fact true. For me, it’s just good on its own, especially when it’s cinnamon biscotti with walnuts.

What most people either don’t know about biscotti, or don’t care to admit, is that it’s really just an extra long cookie. Sure it always has nuts in it and it’s a bit crisper than most cookies and has a distinct shape, but whichever way you put it, it’s still a cookie. No worries though, you can still eat as many as you want, I sure did :).

Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

These cookies are not only extremely yummy, but so cute and pretty. I mean, just look at them. They look so Martha-Stewart-y (which is not at all ironic if you look below to see where I got the recipe from). They remind me a bit of those shortbread cookies with chocolate filling in the center from Traders Joe’s, and if anyone reading this knows what cookies I’m talking about, you’ll go grab your ingredients right away. The cookie only has 5 ingredients to it and it’s still so yummy!

Classic Yellow Cake with Buttercream Frosting

This cake is my go-to yellow cake recipe because it is easy, flavorful, and moist. My favorite part is the texture. It’s cakey, as one would expect, yet also really moist. It also pairs really well with the buttercream frosting recipe I put below. The frosting recipe leaves a good amount of frosting leftover for decorating as well, so feel free to get creative!

Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

I’ve been making these cookies for years. They are one of my all-time favorite cookies, if not my all-time favorite. I make them every year for our New Years Eve party and they are always the fastest ones to go. They are essentially a peanut butter blossom cookie, but instead of having a Hershey’s kiss in the middle, there is a peanut butter cup. It is that small yet perfect amount of extra peanut butter that makes this cookie so delicious and addicting.

Buttery Shortbread Jam Cookies

I made these shortbread jam cookies for New Years Eve (I know, I made a lot of cookies for New Years Eve, sue me), but I actually contemplated just skipping them. I was already planning on making 3 other batches of cookies and I was least excited about these, so I thought I might just skip them. But I had all the ingredients on hand, so I didn’t, and man am I glad I didn’t.

Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate Dipped Cookies

Happy Friday everyone! Hazelnuts are possibly my all-time favorite nut. It’s a close call with pecans. They also have to be good hazelnuts, with as little skin as possible preferred. I remember the first time I tried hazelnuts and realizing how similar the taste actually is to Nutella.

The other great thing about these cookies is that they are slice and bake cookies, meaning you can make the cookie dough way ahead of time, slice them, and bake them. Once they bake you do have to dip them in melted chocolate, but that’s easy enough.

Toasted Pecan Snowballs

Snowballs are possibly my all-time favorite cookie. I know, that’s a very heavy statement, but these cookies are soooo good and so addicting. I’ve made them before, but I didn’t toast the pecans. I have to say, it makes a sizable difference. It is definitely worth doing. I made them for New Years Eve this year, and they were a big hit. One of the most dangerous things about these cookies is that they’re so small and deceiving, and then all of a sudden you’ve had like 5 of them. That’s me, no worries.