Peanut Butter Brownies with Ganache Drizzle

These brownies were crazyyyyy good. I probably say that about most of the recipes on this site, since I only post recipes I think are the best of the best, so let me explain to you what makes these so good. First, you have the brownie, which is rich in chocolate and oh so fudgy. Then, it’s topped with a creamy peanut butter topping that’s a lot like a frosting. Then, you drizzle the bars with homemade chocolate ganache and finally top them off with chopped peanuts. All that chocolate and peanut butter together make one of the best and most decadent brownies I’ve ever tasted.

Cheeseburger Cupcakes

I know, right? Cheeseburger cupcakes… say what? Well, there is no meat, cheese, ketchup, or lettuce in these cupcakes, but it sure looks like there is. What better cupcakes to pair with your Sunday barbecue than ones that look like cheeseburgers? Plus, they’re so much fun to make! All the components are recipes already on my blog, but I’ll go through exactly how I made them.

Double Chocolate M&M Cookies

I love M&M cookies. When I think of M&M cookies, I think of these giant M&M cookies they sell at a nearby grocery store. Although this grocery store is more than just a grocery store. It’s called Wilsons Farms, and they have farmland all around the store where they grow most of their food and have a bakery section with homemade breads, cookies, cakes, etc. These cookies are probably the size of a small child’s face and topped with lots of M&M’s. I’ve only had one a couple of times, if that, but I always loved admiring them. 

Coconut Cake

Happy birthday to me! You guessed it, this is my birthday cake that I made for my birthday, which is today! I was born 20 years ago on this day. And if you’re one of the many people who are going to ask if I feel older, the answer is no. I feel a day older, sure, but not a year. I’ve always found it to be an odd question. Does anyone ever confidently answer yes to that?

Rainbow Chocolate Chip Cookies

I almost named these unicorn poop chocolate chip cookies, because I thought that would be cute and hysterical, but then I didn’t. I decided that one, it wasn’t a very descriptive name, and two, it was kinda weird/inappropriate. The second reason is probably not even true to most people, but it’s not really my style. But there, I told you I was going to name it that, so now I practically have.

Three-Layer Berry Marscapone Cake

This cake is epic. I mean epic. I love making cakes for several reasons. One, the decorating, of course. I’m definitely not a pro decorator here, but I love decorating, so I stick with it. I think it’s fun and there’s always new things to try out, so it’s a fun process. The other reason I like making cakes is because they take more time and effort, which I know sounds paradoxical, but it actually makes sense. I have a passion for baking, so naturally I actually love making things that I get to be in the process of baking longer. Plus, the final result in this case was impressive and absolutely delicious.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Streusel Bars

Peanut butter and jelly is a classic you just can’t beat. They’re so good together, that I (and many other people), use it as a phrase. “They’re like peanut butter and jelly together,” or something of the sort. It’s fun to come up with new combinations all the time, but sometimes you just gotta revert back to the classics because you know it’s going to work. That’s what I did here.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

These cupcakes were so delicious! I really had to strain myself to not eat the rest of the cupcake I took a forkful out of for my photo. If you read this blog regularly, you should know that I LOVE the peanut butter and chocolate together. So naturally, these cupcakes seemed right up my alley. I’ve made chocolate cupcakes plenty of times before, but this time I frosted them with peanut butter frosting and they were delectable.

The Way the Cookie Crumbles

Here I am, writing another life post… about a month later from my last. So much for the every 2 weeks goal I set for myself. Well, I’m here now, and that’s what counts!

I’m officially home for the summer now. Last time I wrote in my cookie crumbles, I spoke about the finish line and the eventual return home, but I was still in finals mode. Which, by the way, I did very well on all my finals and in all my classes, which I am proud to say (even organic chemistry!). 

Strawberry Lemon Crumb Bars

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you know that I love to make baked goods in the summer that have fruit in them. Well I love using fruit in general, but in the summer especially, it seems more appropriate to be eating something that tastes more refreshing and has real fruit like berries or citrus, as opposed to chocolate on chocolate on chocolate. I still do plenty of that, but I really love using fruit.