Apple Tarte Tatin

You know how Macbooks have notes now, like the application? Well I keep it in my dashboard and use it all the time. One note I have is a baking bucket list. On this list is things like a crêpe cake, a tiered cake, a tasty recipe, etc. Now I can cross off a tasty recipe, as I found this video on Tasty and pinned it to make over break. I’ve seen and heard of tarte tatin, but never made it.

It was worth it. The apples were so soft and sweet, but still had a lot of flavor and weren’t too sweet. The crust was flaky and crunchy and contrasted well with the softness of the apples. This dessert is considered to be an upside-down apple tart, since you put the apples into the cake pan first and then lay the crust on top. Very interesting, but turns out very delicious.

It should be noted that it takes a little while to caramelize the apples. I’d suggest just bringing up a stool to the stove so that you can sit there during the process. It’s worth it in the end though. Plus, if you have any extra apples that don’t fit in the pan, they make a perfect (slightly unhealthy) snack! Just know that the apples shrink by a lot when they cook, and they can squish really close together in the pan, so you’ll need more than you think.

Happy baking!

Apple Tarte Tatin

Prep Time: 40 minutes

Cook Time: 45 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour, 25 minutes

Yield: one 9-inch tart

Apple Tarte Tatin

A simple recipe for the classic french apple tarte tatin. Caramel-coated apples with a crisp layer of puff pastry underneath.


  • 1 sheet puff pastry
  • 4-5 large crisp apples
  • ¾ cup granulated sugar
  • 3 Tbsp. butter


  1. Using a 9-inch round pan, cut a 9-inch round out from the puff pastry sheet. Using a fork, poke holes in the puff pastry to allow ventilation; set aside.
  2. Peel the apples, then cut into sixths. I did this by cutting each apple in half, scooping out the core, then cutting each half into thirds.
  3. In a large saucepan, melt the granulated sugar on medium heat, stirring often. It will first turn to chunks (after several minutes), then gradually melt to an amber color with no chunks left.
  4. At this point, add the butter and stir until melted. Add the apples to the mixture for about 10 minutes to coat with caramel. Stir every few minutes to make sure they are coated all over.
  5. Using forks or tongs, place each apple in a greased 9-inch cake pan in concentric circles, starting towards the outside and working towards the middle. Make sure to squeeze the apples fairly close to each other. They are soft so you should fit a lot.
  6. Place the puff pastry sheet on top and bake in the preheated oven for about 45 minutes, or until the pastry is golden.
  7. Let cool for about 5 minutes, then invert onto a plate (using oven mitts!). My puff pastry domed more than I'd liked it to, so I took a piece of parchment paper and placed it on the top of the tart (so it is touching the sticky apples) and pressed down gradually with my hand until the tart was more level and found that this worked well.
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Recipe adapted from Proper Tasty

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