The Way the Cookie Crumbles

I meant to post this yesterday, but lost track of time and so here I am posting it on Monday. Maybe it’ll be a good way to start your week off though. This summer is going by so fast. I’ve already been home for over 10 weeks! In some ways, it feels like I just finished the semester. But, in other ways, it does feel like it’s been a long time, and a great time! 

I missed out on a July 4th post, since I haven’t posted any cookie crumbles since then. Whoops. These photos are from the July 4th though. We played with sparklers… again. It’s so addicting. We did “Freedom” this year, and we tried making spirals around ourselves. It only kinda worked, but it was fun.

I am officially SCUBA certified. I don’t have any cool photos to show you yet, but I do want to take underwater photography. I am studying abroad in Turks and Caicos next year to study marine biology and I think the photos from that will be amazing. I went to pool sessions two nights a week for several weeks, went to some classroom sessions in between, and did 5 open water dives in order to get certified. It was really cool. Cold, that’s for sure, but it was cool. I saw some flounder, striped bass, lots of lobsters, a skate, and a sea raven.

My sweet dog, Franklin

In a week I’ll be SCUBA diving again, but with seals this time. I’m pumped. And a little scared, but mostly pumped. I’m not letting myself watch shark week until after that dive. I know, smart choice. After that, only a few more weeks until I’m back to the books. I’m going to San Francisco in between, which should be nice, but it’s going to creep up on me in no time.


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