The Way the Cookie Crumbles

It’s that time of year again. Test, more tests, then more tests after that. I feel like it’s almost always that time of year though. Except for summer and syllabus week. Nevertheless, I had my first Organic Chemistry II exam last week and I have my first Developmental Biology exam tonight. Then I have my first Econ exam next week. I’m taking Environmental Economics. Right now it’s super easy and chill… *knocks on wood*. I really did just knock on wood.

Where you’re from, do you hear organic chemistry referred to as Orgo or as OChem? We call it Orgo at Hamilton College, which is kinda weird in my opinion but if I started saying OChem people would give me weird looks. I used to think it was a west coast vs. east coast thing but I don’t actually think it is. It’s a big controversy in the world of academics. Not really actually, but it’s more interesting of a controversy than anything within the actual content of organic chemistry. Just kidding, I like chemistry, but only a little bit.

This is my dorm room, by the way. I have a single this year, which I really like. I also have lots of wall decorations, as you can see. As a photographer, it’s pretty easy to find content to put on my wall. However, as a perfectionist, it’s pretty tricky to figure out the perfect composition for placing all those photographs. In case you can’t tell, the sign above my bed says “Sweet Dreams”. I really like how my dorm doesn’t look over anything major because I don’t have to worry about privacy like I did last year. Plus, I get a nice view of trees that should change colors any day now!

I got a new job on campus this year, and it’s the best on-campus job you could possibly think of. It’s dogwalking! The doggies are so so cute. They’re both golden retrievers. One is named Scout and she’s only about 7 months old. She’s a piece of work, but she’s adorable so I can’t help but love her. And then there’s Hobbes, who is 12 years old. He’s the chillest dog I’ve ever met. The owners let him just sit outside alone for hours in the day and he doesn’t stray. I walk both of them at the same time, so it can be rather difficult, but still it’s so amazing. No matter how I’m feeling on any given day, dogs always make me feel better.

Apparently I’ve been really into photographing sunsets lately. The featured image is still my favorite, but I loved this moment. I was walking back to campus after walking the dogs on this street called Peters Lane. It’s a private Hamilton College road that’s mostly used for construction, but it’s a nice shortcut to my dorm. It was so quiet and the moon was a perfect crescent in the sky with that beautiful gradient. I loved it, so I snapped a picture. Just with my iPhone, so it’s no National Geographic cover, but it’ll do. I love the sunset, it’s so pretty.

The first day of fall was Friday. That makes me so excited. I have to say, I’m not a big Halloween fan, but I love fall. Honestly, I love every season. Or at least the start of every season. I love fall for the apple picking, Thanksgiving dinner, pie-baking, leaves falling, and the wonderful cliché fall scents (yes, I’m your basic pumpkin-spice lover). Fun fact though, pumpkin spice has absolutely no pumpkin products in it and can easily be made at home with pantry staples. It just happens to oftentimes be used in pumpkin pie, so that’s why we call it pumpkin spice. But it’s used a lot in apple pie too, and lots of other desserts, so I usually just call it fall or autumn spice. Gotta be PC people.

Hope you’re having a wonderful start to fall!

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