The Way the Cookie Crumbles

I haven’t written a blog post in a little while now, so I thought it was probably about time. It’s been quite cold here for quite some time. Boston actually tied the record for longest stretch of days at or below 20 degrees F. The record was set exactly a century ago, which I think is kinda cool. Now it’s warming up to above normal temperatures though and everything is melting, which I consider a good thing. You really never know with New England.

Anyways, you may have found that I post a lot less often lately. That is because I was really busy last semester with all my classes, but you probably won’t see it picking up much this semester either even though I’m less busy. I do not see myself baking as often this year just because I definitely don’t need to eat it all, my family is trying their best not to eat any of it, and I don’t have many people to constantly bring baked goods to. Therefore, I’ve been cooking more often and baking less. Plus, cooking is a big help to my mom at home, and it’s fun!

Recently we were hit with the “bomb cyclone” in the Northeast. I think that makes it sound a lot more intense than it was, but it sure was a lot of snow. Plus, the winds were really high so we got some tall snow drifts. It took me, my brother, and my dad one and a half hours to shovel all the snow using two shovels and a snowblower. So, yeah, a lot of snow. I love snow, though. It’s beautiful, it’s fun to jump around in, my dog is incredibly cute in it, and it forces you to stay inside all huddled up. I made the Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl Cupcakes that day. I took this GoPro video of the snow accumulating, and that was only for a fraction of when the snow fell.

On a separate note, I’ve started switching over to using a kitchen scale in my baking more often and I love it! If you think about it, there are usually (and I stress usually, not always) less dishes when you use a kitchen scale, it’s more accurate, and it’s oftentimes quicker, too! Plus, the metric system just makes so much more sense. It does mean that I will sometimes have to make conversions, but once you get the hang of it, you make them in your head really quickly. I’m working on a conversion table I can print out and put on my fridge for quick reference. First I have to make it look all pretty though, of course.

Happy New Year, and stay warm!

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