The Way the Cookie Crumbles

I actually almost remembered to write this in time! This is a crazy time of year for me and all other college students across the country. The final stretch. Next week is the last week of classes (except for that one awkward Monday that we still have classes for). After that is exams week. This means two “reading days” that are dedicated to allowing us to prepare for exams. Then, they start and everyone goes into crazy stress mode.

I am lucky enough to actually be done kind of early this year. I have my organic chemistry exam on the first day of exams, next Thursday. Then my marine biology final is the following day, and then I go home! That means I will be home in 12 days, and obviously could not be more excited. I love Hamilton, don’t get me wrong, but I’m excited for my own room, fresh fruit (no joke), more free time, seeing my family, and above all of those things, seeing my dog. However, this also means that in 12 days, I won’t see my current roommate for months on end, and possibly over a year. That’s the part I’m trying to not think about.

I love summertime. I love winter too, for its own separate reasons, but I think summer is probably my favorite season. I love the warm weather, the weekend trips to Crane Beach, farmer’s markets, ice cream in a cone, July 4th and fireworks, more free time (no school), getting a tan, and everything else we all love.

On a different note, next weekend I am going to Mystic, Connecticut with my marine biology class and could not be more excited. I have been meaning to see the Mystic Aquarium for about two years now and never ended up going. I was going to go for my birthday last summer but never got it together with my sister or friends to make a plan to go. They are known for their beluga whales, so expect some photos of beluga whales on Mother’s Day (if I remember to post that day, fingers crossed).

It finally got nice out here in Clinton, NY. All the photos you see are from our Root Glen, which is a forest/garden that Hamilton owns and upkeeps really well. It’s my favorite place on campus.

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